A full skirt gathered at your waist and often worn over crinoline.
*Broomstick skirt
A skirt characterized by numerous pleats and crinkled material. Traditionally, a wet garment was wrapped around a broomstick to
create uneven, crinkly pleating as it dried.
*Bubble skirt/pouf
Short  bubble shaped skirt, usually with a pencil underskirt.
*Cargo style
Pant, skirts or shorts with multiple utilitarian pockets. This style is usually loose-fitting and often includes drawstrings at the waist,
ankles or inseam.
*Circle Skirt/Dress
Defined by a full,round skirt; a true circle can lay flat in a perfect circle.
Column Skirt (see straight skirt)
Garment with a crotch that is hidden by its full folds thus resembling a skirt.
*Dirndl skirt
Full skirt, pleated or gathered at the waist.
A dress or skirt with a ruffle at the hemline, or one with multiple ruffled layers.  
Fishtail train
This style is fitted around the hips and flares out from the knee to the hemline and is longer in the back.
Fit and flare skirt
Sometimes called a tulip skirt, this garment is fitted at the waist and flares out at the hem.
*Full Skirt
A skirt with excess material such as a gather, dirndl, circle etc.
Gather Skirt
A skirt that is gathered at the waist and falls in wide folds.
Flared skirt made up of several panels of fabric sewn vertically.
*Handkerchief Hem
A hemline that is gently jagged to form uneven, flowing points.
*Hobble skirt
Skirt made in same fashion as a pencil skirt except it is full length. Very popular in the early 20th century around 1910. Called a
hobble skirt because of how the wearer had to walk, much like a wiggle skirt.
Pleated wraparound skirt made of tartan; a usually narrow panel crosses over in front and fastens with a pin or a button.
A dress whose length goes to the ankles. Usually refers to a non formal dress.
A tight-fitting through the knees and then flairs out, similar to a fishtail.
*Mini Skirt
A skirt with hemline more than 7.5" (20 cm) above the knee.
*Peasant Skirt
A skirt, usually full and long, that features bands of embroidery.
*Pencil Skirt (similar to sheath).
Skirt with a straight and narrow cut, worn by women. It typically falls to or just below the knee, and is tailored for a close fit. Popular in
the 1950s.
Short flounce or over skirt attached to a snugly fitting waistline.
Ruffle(d) Skirt
A skirt made up of several horizontal strips of material in superimposed layers; the free edge falls loose, creating folds.
Beach skirt of variable length and made from a piece of fabric wrapped around the waist.
Sheath Skirt
A skirt that is narrow at the waist and fits tightly over the hips and legs.
Straight Skirt
A skirt that is narrow at the waist, tight-fitting over the hips and falls straight.
Made of several horizontal layers, each wider than the one above.
*Wiggle Skirt (see pencil skirt)
The term was coined by online sellers due to the 'wiggle' in the wearers walk and its sexy name compared to pencil.
Skirt made up of a single panel crossing over in front or sometimes behind and buttoning on the side.
Yoke Skirt
Skirt with a piece added on, forming the part from the waist to the hips.

Pleat extending from a series of ornamental stitches on the outside of the fabric.
Set of thin upright pleats of uniform width along the grain of the fabric.
Pleat created by a vertical fold pointing in one direction and of constant width.
Inverted or flat back pleat at the bottom of a straight skirt, providing greater ease of movement.
Pleat formed by two folds that meet in front and touch on the outside of the fabric, thus forming a hollow in the fabric.
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