Here is my dress size chart for my listings. I have searched many sites and the listing sizes vary greatly. I
suggest you look around and find the one that seams the most reasonable to you. I am currently using eBay's
chart while I revamp mine!
Here are some useful size and Condition charts, both for buying and selling Vintage.
Here is my first chart that I made for my Ebay listings. Anyone is more than welcome to use my charts  please just change my
name and give me credit with a link if you have a web page (eBay won't let you link to external pages.)
Here is my revamped chart that I am currently using. You are free to use this one also, but once again, change the name on the
side but please link me as a reference on your personal vintage page :-)
If you would like to see one of my eBay listings for and example of how to describe, photograph or list vintage clothing click HERE
A pretty accurate shoe chart via eBay. I also will be making my own version as I need to color coordinate and make it readable!