Many thanks to these wonderful websites who made compiling all of my information that much easier. Here are all the
websites that I directly pasted information from and/or used their images. I have altered the lists to make them more accurate
and organized for my purposes. None of this information is from directly one source but a compilation. Thank you once again to
anyone who takes their time to share free information in such a detailed and organized way that others are able to grow in
their vintage knowledge.
Vintage Fashion Guild - Amazing friendly Q&A forum with professionals.  Home to the LARGEST online vintage label
resource. Free to join and use most features. This web site is a MUST!! (an external link and will open in a new browser)
Other Vintage Information Web Sites - These are other vintage sites that are worth their weight in gold. I used most
of these early in my explorations to learn all about vintage. There are many dedicate individuals with tons of information
being shared. If you still need vintage information, check these sites out. You will not be disappointed!
Need help dating your vintage? Look no further find all your guides here!
A list of random little tips that will help you quickly date a vintage dress.

Link to dress, skirts and misc construction glossaries. Broken down in to sections featuring many pictures.
Sorted by dress style, necklines, sleeves, collars, pockets etc. Also linked to fabric glossary.

Extensive burn chart, general fabric identification and a fabric glossary featuring pictures. Includes fabric
types (fiber contents) as well as weaves.

Separated by era, each page includes a brief description of the current dress styles and images of sewing
patterns from that era. Useful for learning the silhouettes of each era.

Zippers are an important dating method. Here is an extensive historical time line of the evolution of the

Detailed measurement, sizing and clothing condition charts that I use for selling. You may use these as a
reference for buying or selling, but are subjective to my opinions/preferences.

Ways to clean vintage garments, from spot cleaning to a full soak. Some of these are untested and
hearsay. Use this information at your own risk! I am not liable for your clothes.
Coming Soon
New buyers guide
New sellers guide

Best selling web sites

Dating by labels