Often navy-blue, hip-length jacket characterized by a notched collar, long wide lapels and patch pockets.
Small jacket, sometimes sleeveless and without collar or lapel, that is worn as an accessory only; it ends above the waist and does not fasten.
Very full coat of variable length that covers the body and arms; it has no sleeves or armholes and sometimes has a hood and slits for the arms.
Car coat
Coat loosely based on a man’s three-quarter coat but changing more often to reflect the current style; it is shorter than the garment it covers and together
they can make an outfit.
Fine long-sleeved sweater ending at the hips and characterized by front buttoning, a round neck and a ribbed bottom and wrists.
Crew neck sweater
Sweater with a close-fitting rounded neck.
A long, open coat, usually lightweight, often without a button or zip closure.
Garment with sleeves that extends to the hips; it is fastened in front with single- or double-breasted buttoning and sometimes has a belt.
Long-sleeved article of outerwear made of heavy fabric; it extends to the calf and closes in front with various fastening systems.
Pea coat
Heavy, warm hip-length woolen jacket with a double-breasted front and a wide notched collar. This jacket was originally worn by sailors in navy blue
and often features chunky, nautical-themed buttons.
Cape covering the shoulders and chest.
Pelerine Coat
Coat with a short pelerine.
Cape made from a rectangular piece of material with a hole in the middle for the head to go through.
Safari jacket
Lightweight long-sleeved shirt-jacket made of plain weave and having a belt and four pockets.
Seam pocket
Pocket where the opening is in a side seam of the garment.
A short, round-edged jacket or sweater with no closure.  
Tight-fitting unbelted jacket ending at the waist; it has long sleeves and often a collar with lapels.
Top coat
Coat fitted at the waist and flared at the bottom.
A waterproof overcoat styled along military lines.
Outfit made up of a sweater, often crew neck, and a matching cardigan or vest.
Here are the terms for various collars, neck lines and neck treatments.
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